Distance education in nursing

Zhuldyz Kuanysh, PR specialist, NCJSC Karaganda Medical University. ProInCa WP 2.3

Nursing specialty is the rapidly developing sphere of the healthcare system and education, for the advancement and development of which specialists who are able to organize and possess leadership skills are needed. To master such skills at the bachelor level at the Medical University of Karaganda there is a cycle “Leadership in Nursing”, the cycle helps to develop leadership skills for students who will help them in the future to be competent organizers in medical organizations, and not only. This year the students went through this cycle using new technologies; in connection with the pandemic, the teaching of the cycle was organized remotely.

Distance education in medicine, as well as distance consultation of doctors, a couple of years ago seemed an unrealizable offer, but today it is our reality.

The basis of any educational process in remote mode is the close interaction of the student with the teacher. The issue of using this form of training for future nurses is controversial in some aspects, since it has both positive and negative aspects. Speaking about the advantages of this method, studying in this format, students have the opportunity to use different information sources for high-quality development of the material. Of course, a huge plus of distance education is a flexible schedule that gives time for self-development.