International Nursing leadership research

“Nursing leadership and health systems research contribute to the body of knowledge that informs the current and future environments” (AONL 2016).

AONL Foundation

AONL Priorities (2016): 

1. Develop core competencies of nurse leaders across the care continuum to support current and emerging roles.
Research answers questions related to:

  • Emerging nursing leadership roles in the changing landscape
  • The distinctive qualities of nursing leadership
  • AONE competencies
  • Nurse led organizations
  • Teaching innovation in non-traditional ways
  • Professional interdependency and change
  • Nurse led care delivery and population health
  • Evolving role of nurse leaders in Board governance

2. Support the design and implementation of care delivery and population health management models across the care continuum.
Research answers questions related to:

  • Models of care as applied to underserved and at risk populations
  • Effectiveness of care delivery models across the continuum
  • Validation of emerging care models
  • Outcomes of care of different care delivery models
  • Interprofessional developed models of care
  • Community influence on population health
  • Access to care

3. Support the provision of safe, quality care in delivery systems grounded in healthful practice environments
Research answers questions related to:

  • Safety/quality
  • Practice environment and quality/safety
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Nurse influence on practice environments and safe work environments across the continuum
  • Nurse influence on outcomes cross the continuum
  • Patient/family satisfaction/engagement across the continuum
  • Healthily work environments
  • Outcomes related to healthy work environments

4. Communicate the value of nursing in healthcare to all stakeholders
Research answers questions related to:

  • Succession planning models and outcomes
  • Cost effective care models
  • Nursing education preparation
  • Residency programs
  • Impact of nurse leadership on organizational value
  • Evaluation of nursing programs/innovation
  • Outcomes related to nursing practice
  • Influence of nursing’s voice in policy development and advocacy at the local, state, regional and national level.