Nursing Leadership education

Nursing Education in Kazakhstan contains studies that lead to development of nursing leadership competences starting from Applied and Academic Bachelor and deepening on Master Degree level studies. PhD in Nursing Science studies lead to knowledge and skills for example to lead leadership research and development projects in clinical practice.

The basic competence to be achieved in Applied Bachelor studies is to be able to exercise management and supervision in contexts of work activities where there is unpredictable change review and develop performance of self and others. After the Academic Bachelor studies the person is able to manage complex technical or professional activities or projects, taking responsibility for decision making in unpredictable work contexts; and take responsibility for managing professional development of individuals and groups. Master studies lead to the competence to manage and transform work contexts that are complex, unpredictable and require new strategic approaches; take responsibility for contributing to professional knowledge and practice and/or for reviewing the strategic performance of teams.

In international level there are several universities and institutions providing further training for nurse leaders, one example is International Council of Nurses: ICN Global Leadership Institute has a strategic leadership programme, which prepares top nurses from around the world to drive policy that improves the health of people, health care and the nursing profession.

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