Nursing Clinical Guidelines

The CNE provides information on nursing clinical guidelines, the development of high-quality guidelines, informs what national nursing clinical guidelines have been published or are under development. From the CNE, you will find information about the development groups and you are able to sign up for development work. In addition, you can find information on clinical guideline related trainings.

Clinical guidelines are systematically developed statements to assist health care professional and patients making decisions about appropriate health care in specific clinical situations. Clinical guidelines are often developed for disciplines, such as medicine or nursing, or they can be multidisciplinary. International clinical guidelines can be found on the Internet from Web pages of the guideline organisations (e.g. Guideline International

Nursing clinical guidelines are intended to assist nurses to make informed, reasoned and evidence based decisions in nursing practice. Nursing clinical guidelines will not contain detailed instructions for nursing interventions but rather evidence-based recommendations to help nurses in decision-making. For example, nursing clinical guideline can have evidence-based information and recommendations for pain management.

National nursing clinical guidelines are important in the Republic of Kazakhstan.  They provide up-to-date evidence-based information to all nurses and assist nurses to make decisions in clinical practice. In addition, they provide an opportunity to develop consistent practices and a more independent role for nurses in healthcare.

DEFINITION: Guidelines – are systematically developed statements to assist practitioner and patient in decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances. Guidelines are based upon the best available research evidence and practice experience. Guideline development is based on a clinical question and a systematic literature review. Guidelines have a set of recommendations, taking into account both benefits and harms. The development process of the guideline has to be detailed and transparent, and the outcomes publicly accessible.

DEFINITION: Nursing clinical guidelines – are documents that synthesize current evidence and recommendations for nursing professionals about the care of patients with specific conditions. It uses preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation activities in the management of patients based on evidence-based medicine and nursing. Nursing clinical guidelines are  systematically  developed statements  of  recommended  best  practice  in  a  specific  clinical  area,  designed  to  provide direction  for nursing professionals in  their  practice.