Nursing research in Kazakhstan

During the last years nursing research has been carried out in Kazakhstan in medical universities mainly at the level of bachelor and master programs of nursing by the students. The students topics of nursing research’s concern areas such as the current development of nursing in Kazakhstan, delegation of duties from doctors to nurses at the level of primary health care, nursing care during the rehabilitation, and supporting and educating patients in self-care.

Recommendations for the topics of nursing research in Kazakhstan were determined by applying Delphi study in 2019 (ProInCa project). Altogether 168 Kazakh healthcare experts responded the questionnaires in which half represented different fields of nursing. Based on the study, the three most important nursing research areas in terms of high priority were defined as follows:

  1. Critical care nursing and emergency nursing,
  2. Stroke and heart failure nursing care, and
  3. Oncology nursing.

Most of the respondents think that these areas need to be studied urgently in Kazakhstan. Over half of the respondents also rated nursing education as an urgently studied topic. In addition, two thirds of the respondents were of the opinion that within two years quality improvement in nursing, professional development, and health promotion and disease prevention are the topics that need to be studied in nursing research. In ProInCa project one aim is to support the development of research agenda in Medical Universities.

If you have a topic for research in nursing, please take contact with the university in your area.