Nursing associations

Republican Public Association “Specialists of Nursing “Paryz”

Date of founded  — 12.10.2015

Mission — unification of all specialists with secondary and higher special education into a single union, the development of nursing and the provision of effective activities for a worthy representation of Kazakhstan in the international medical community.


  1. Raising the prestige of the profession and increasing the role of the nurse in the health care system;
  2. Protection of professional rights and interests of nurses in legislative, administrative, and other bodies, improvement of working conditions and increase of wages.
  3. Education of nurses, including the upgrading of the skills of practicing nurses, attestation of average medical workers;


The governing bodies of the Association are:

1) General Meeting of the Association is the highest governing body;

2) Board — the executive body;

3) Control and revision commission.

members of the organization: 2500 nurses

Non-profit legal entity. Association has 2 branches in Petropavlovsk and Atyrau cities of Kazakhstan.